The Little Things About Being Taxed

Whenever people talks about taxation, it is always lead to dryness and boredom as we will be hearing cracked brains on figures. We were once scrolled down the Pinterest and found this perfect quote that I would like to share as appetizer:

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In many instances after our customers bought their stuffs via online platform or “Facebook Live”, the next thing comes to knock at their door is the hidden expectations. Let us show you how people view taxes:

Often our customers view taxes as PARCEL + EXTRA MONEY   😤 😤 😤 😤 😤

Often our sellers view taxes as TAX REFUNDS   ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌

And often our transporter view taxes as TIME + MONEY   😔 😔 😔 😔 😔

Certainly on this part of explanation, we will share more on the little things to note in order to get rid of all these “surprises”.

 The First Little Thing

Rules 1 – Purchases not more than RM 500

Rules 2 – if Rules 1 fails, restructure and follow Rules 1.

Many times we will advise our customers to transport low value shipments. This is because we have high confidence that your parcels will retrieve direct release from the custom gate. This was as true as our friends had experienced the same when they were merely purchasing personal stuffs via free credits won by participating games with us!

Back to the basics, shipment’s value is calculated by the “C.I.F” principles. “C” refers to the cost of item purchased; “I” refers to the insurance paid for item purchased; and “F” refers to the freight charges imposed on item purchased. With justification of the C.I.F, the percentage of accuracy to assume your item value is closed to 90%. We calculate such a way is that each category takes up 30% of the total value. This is helpful for cost estimated in lump sum and to avoid any surprises if it is happened that your parcel is retained with the custom officer.

The Second Little Thing

Assumptions are always the easiest way for justification when come to well wrapping parcels. Parcel is determined whether by its weight or volume and this is confirmed when your parcel is shipped whether by sea or air freight. Bear in mind to keep your packaging below 20 kg to kill curiosities during the custom examination. Due to limited space with fast delivery speed, volume is always the guideline for air freight charges. Oppositely sea freight will have more space for more goods delivery as compared to air freight. Hence, sea freight is always cheaper than air freight due to sizes and delivery speed. Not to forget is to check out our article on “Prohibited and Sensitive Goods” for more details of the types of prohibited goods and delivery.

The Third Little Thing

Recipes is about keeping good track records on same or likewise items that you are constantly purchasing for cross references. This is essential when comes to declaration of the actual value of item purchased. The least you can afford is to run away from uncertainties in the taxes that you may be facing. We have emphasized side notes about keeping good records and having copy of invoices when comes to value declaration at the custom gate. This will help to ease the clearance be it for yourselves, your agents or your transporters. We are certainly grateful on top of that action.

Thank You

On our previous sharing, we were looking forward real experiences sharing from our loyal shopaholics with SGshop ! Dated until today, we are still seeking real life story that we could hardly face nowadays with online shopping and taxes! Do drop us reviews and your lovely comments are definitely benefited each and every one that is reading now.

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