Understand a reliable Taobao Seller

Security is always the top concern for all the surfers in this virtual online market. Traditionally for us to purchase something, we will at least make several comparisons before digging our wallet for money. Likely as today online marketplace, smart consumers will definitely make comparisons based on the price tag, quality, services and undeniably the reviews of the after sales before handing out the credit card. In short, information is everything.

Believe it or not Taobao.com has now encompassed by more than 1 billion registered sellers (known as “店铺” in Taobao.com) up to year 2017. Among all these sellers, confusion is the first flashes through my mind on getting a reliable and satisfying seller of one single product. God knows how difficult it is! Rest assured that today we are going to share you some tips on getting the right and trusted seller during online shopping!

Open your eyes and brain wide and wise enough to recognize all these icons!

20170601 Content photo 1.jpg

Taobao Seller’s Rating System

Gold Medalist vs. Non-Gold Medalist


Gold medalist is an award given to sellers that is consistently fulfilled Taobao.com weekly inspection in the aspect of;

  1. Quality Assurance

Selling pirated or fake product is an offense under the TaoBao.com regulations. Once reported by the majority of customer, investigation will be taken place. Whoever is found offended will be prohibited and blacklisted from the sellers’ list from any transactions.

  1. High Score

Active trading with high percentage in successful and satisfied transaction (We call it Double ‘S’ Effects) will continuously gain favor from their customer database. That is reason behind sometimes you will see existing sellers with more than five years awarded as gold medalist. This kind of sellers normally have gained strong capital capacity in the e-commerce market.

  1. Quick Service

Instead of the term “quick” I love the adjective “fast” as it gives much more confidence when come to services. In business, if you can act faster than your competitor, you have won the first lead before anyone else. Be true to yourself, who in the earth didn’t want to have their purchases fast delivered at their doorstep?

  1. 7 Days No Reason Return

“Complaints, Complaints, Complaints!” Good vibes are hard to gain especially in services unless you give them the ultimate. This shows great move to convince as company’s accountability is assured!


Your every point counted and served not only for the sellers themselves but also for the good faith of future customers. Most importantly for the customers to understand the rating system is that, the accumulative points determine the overall percentage of good services provided by the sellers. For an example, the seller might be rated only as Diamond Seller but with an overall percentage of more than 85% based on their customers’ database is 1000. Their reputation is rated as 85% of 1000 customers give +1 score that makes them a two Diamonds rated seller. Let’s summarize as following:

20170601 Content Photo 3.jpg


20170601 Content Photo 4

Here we would like to share more on the Guarantees that one seller provides. As shown above, it is the definition of “Goods Sold Are Returnable” within specified period of time or otherwise be refunded by Taobao.com in advanced to customers based on the credited “money back guarantee” by the seller. Click on the following for further details on the Guarantees provided, http://bit.ly/TaobaoGuarantees 

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Product Descriptions / Services / Delivery Controls

20170601 Content Photo 6.jpg

Bringing It All Together

Taobao.com eases your comparisons at one glance when the customer enters the main page of the seller.

20170601 Content Photo 7

20170601 Content Photo 8.jpg

In Malaysia, we always encourage the customers to engage with local Taobao agent in order to smoothen the delivery process. Risk is reduced as in SGshop, we will assist for goods inspection in terms of quantity and categories. If there are any faults reported during our warehouse inspection, the faults will be solved between the Taobao agent and the sellers. SGshop will notify our customers on the faults reported and the next processes will be followed up by SGshop on behalf of the customers.

Reversely when we position ourselves in another identity, entrepreneurs strongly believe that leveraging system is today fast growing business model. By leveraging on a solid platform and with expanding global marketplace, Taobao has well equipped with all the stringent requirements as Alibaba.com. We are always in line with the beliefs by Jack Ma, the founder and CEO of Alibaba.com that Customer is always the first, next is the employees and last the shareholders. The working cultures and attitudes earn the respect of entrepreneurs and customers when come to choose for a reliable selling and buying platform.


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